Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another day, another Czar

Unbelievable. How many is that now, a baker's dozen?

Fine Print Czar. Maybe this guy is available.

Hot dog diplomacy gone wrong in Iran

Like anyone doubted this? A-jad must've read the US was gonna have Hebrew National hot dogs at those 4th of July bashes.

US votes with UN on Honduras "coup"

Great. Just what we should be doing, going along with the UN.


Did anyone doubt GE was on the teat?

Their media outlets aren't just liberals, they're making their salary off Zero's Big Adventure.
The government’s actions have been “powerful and helpful” to the company, GE chief executive Jeffrey Immelt acknowledged in December.

It's Zero's economy now!

So says Gibbsy.

Wait til the numbers are out next week on June employment. Think they can be manipulated far enough to make the Zero look good?

Sonia in the news again

Letting a guy sit in prison for a few extra years? Meh. No big deal.

I understand missing a filing date is important(maybe paying court clerks more than minimum wage would help,) but to further ignore DNA evidence that eventually cleared him?


Canada's lowering their corporate taxes. The exodus begins.

I hear moose is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef.

Sen. Botox whipped the Libs into place


People didn't want the Cap and Tax billed passed as is, so they broke out the scare tactics.

How stoopid is this?

California Rep. Ellen Tauscher, a master of floor procedure who left the House on Friday to take a top job at the State Department, may have made the biggest personal sacrifice by postponing a dinner the night before her wedding to preside over the debate — her last as a member of Congress.

Monday, June 29, 2009

How many libs does it take to change a lightbulb?

Zero flapped his piehole about light bulbs today. Seriously. While railing that we should emulate Californiacatia coz it's the right thing to do for the planet and the economy.

Add this to the crappy Flintstonemobiles and non-repairable appliances.

MSM joking about broken tax promise

This shit isn't even funny.

Video from youtube of Gibbsy entertaining the troops.


EPA "omits" information???

Omits. That's a nice word for it.

Specific reports that would "be of negative impact to" the EPA are made unavailable. This reeks.

Not one single dime.

I threw the bullshit flag on this mess a long time ago.

"Just a'Meddlin" in Honduras

For some reason this made me think of the John Anderson country classic.

Zero can't find it within himself to support the protesters in Iran, but when his pally Chavez's boy in Honduras is ousted LEGALLY, he's been working for days to stop it? WTF?

UPDATE: Guess what dumbass just got PWNED? Chavez played Zero like a fiddle.

Israel speaks, Zero blinks?

Israel will continue to build settlements. Good for them.

Someone has to blink, I'm betting it's not Netanyahu.

Thanks to W, Iraqis are closer to freedom

Tomorrow is the last day of US military presence in Iraqi cities, and they seem pleased. Hopefully they are correct and their troops are up to the task, although I see us making a reappearance if things get outta control again. Troops will phase out of Iraq altogether in the next year.

Good luck to the Iraqi people, and congrats to the W administration for a successful campaign against tyranny. If we were only so lucky to have that happen now in Somalia, Iran, etc.

Ricci v New Haven OVERTURNED

PDF of the opinion here if you can manage the whole 93 pages. Takes Sotomayor average to .666 for overturned decisions, which isn't much better than mine and I'm not a frigging judge. She'd be better off winging darts for decisions.

All 9 judges agreed that the appellate court was wrong in not sending the decision back to the lower court.

The Zero's choice sucks.


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